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Marine Audio Services

Boat owners and marine enthusiasts trust Trolling Motors Services Plus for their marine audio installation and design in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. We specialize in installing and servicing the highest quality marine audio systems for your boat. The products we use when installing boat audio systems are marine grade, they provide superior sound while withstanding the harsh elements that boats are often exposed to out in the water, while being docked and even while being transported.

At Trolling Motors Services Plus, we work with you to ensure you get the audio system you’ve always dreamed of!

Marine Navigation Services

Trolling Motors Services Plus has a long history in the Marine Industry. We specialize in Marine Navigation and are a certified dealer for most leading brands. When your boats needs an upgrade in navionics electronics give us a call!

It used to be very difficult for mariners to figure out where they were in the world and where they were going. They had to use celestial navigation, compasses or the inadequate charts of the past. Thankfully, navigating the waters today is much easier due to the Global Positioning System or as it’s commonly referred to, GPS. GPS allows you to find yourself anywhere in the world with great precision.

Most marine GPS includes features not found on your smartphone apps. Trolling Motors Services Plus offers the latest in today’s GPS technology with a variety of brands to suit your needs. So when the fog rolls in and you need a little help finding your way home, we have you covered!

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