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Don’t Wait For Your Old Electrical Systems To Let You Down On The Water!

Boat electrical systems can be the bane of any boat owner’s existence. From trailer hook-ups to navigation lights, every boat function is linked to an electrical system, except it’s ability to float. Customers concerned about their boat’s electronics shouldn’t wait for the electrical system to give out before having it repaired or replaced. We’re even a trusted source for lithium-ion batteries!

At Trolling Motors Services Plus our capable boat electricians check your existing systems to determine if repairs, or an entirely new systems is needed for your vessel. Whether it is a single electrical system or a full replacement, we can design or repair it and have you back on the water in no time.

Boasting years of experience working on boat electrical systems, our team is your trusted partner for electrical work on boats in North-East Florida, and we plan on keeping it that way. Using only the best replacement parts, and following all regulatory guidelines means we stand by all the electrical repairs and installations we complete on your boat.

Leaders in Marine Lighting and LED Solutions

Trolling Motor Services Plus continues to be the leader in the marine lighting industry in Jacksonville, Florida…and indeed all of North-East Florida. We have a long history of providing our customers with the marine lighting and lighting components and accessories they need for ships and boats.

Today, Trolling Motor Services Plus continues to provide only the highest quality fixtures and LED products engineered for the marine environment. We offer customized solutions to assure that your goals and budget are catered to. We focus on stellar customer service and after-service which can’t be rivalled by ANY other company in Florida.

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