MotorGuide Trolling Motors

Persistence and versatility are the defining characteristics of great fishermen and great trolling motors. MotorGuide freshwater models provide reliable performance for a wide range of fishermen, boats and fishing styles.

MotorGuide delivers the freedom to fish further. Our quiet, corrosion-resistant saltwater trolling motors offer performance, value and peace of mind across a wide array of power options.


MotorGuide trolling motors are overbuilt to be as tough as the places fish live. With resilient components like unbreakable composite shafts, rigid aircraft-grade aluminum mounts, stainless steel bushings in key wear areas, no-flex metal foot pedals and 360° breakaway mounts, MotorGuide trolling motors offer peace of mind for the long haul.

Fish further with MotorGuide’s silent operation and Tour-tested pedigree of reliability. Our industry-best Pinpoint® GPS delivers 3x more precise anchoring and navigation than competitors. A Digital Power Management system captures heat as energy that would otherwise be lost, providing up to 5x longer battery life.

MotorGuide’s intuitive, fishermen-friendly features ensure your focus stays on the fish. With conveniences like a pneumatic Zero-G Lift-Assist system, HD+ Universal Sonar compatability and advanced GPS navigation options, MotorGuide trolling motors alleviate both the mental and physical work that goes into a long day on the water.

Whether you prefer saltwater or freshwater marine sports, MotorGuide makes the perfect trolling motor for your needs. Tour tested and fisherman approved for durability, reliability and ease of use.

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